Pendant Lyrebird Design in Sterling Silver

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AUD250.00 each

This Pendant Lyrebird Design in Sterling Silver turned out as an amazing bird sculpture.
The drawing was provided by a mother, visualizing that Lyrebird Design as a pendant made according to the drawing her daughter had created during High School.

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this Lyrebird Pendant in Sterling Silver 32 x 16mm, the original drawing and the initial wax carving, before casting. 

We could also incorporate a gemstone set as eye or e.g. attached in a setting resembling a bird's egg.

Our jewellery is of good solid weight and thickness, not too thin - you will feel it.
The normal turnover time for this bangle is 4 -6 weeks. 
If you need the jewellery by a specific date, e.g. wedding, please advise us. We will do our best to match the date and will let you know, if it is possible for us to finish Ouroboros Ring image Snake swallowing its own tail in 925 Ag Sterling Silver featuring faceted hydrothermal Emeralds set as eyesyour jewel and mail it in time.

Gemstones not included in price!

Customize your jewellery with your choice of metal or gemstone in regards to:

variety, quality: colour, cut, clarity, size (ct - weight), shape or price!

Quote supplied for each custom order according to your specifications and preferences.

Please refer to our product information under the right-hand menu and get inspired by our Australian Opal selection.

Wedding Ring clasped Hands Medieval Betrothal Ring, Gimmel ring claddagh Ring, Friendship ring in 925 Ag Sterling SilverWe will give recommendations about Shape and Size of gemstones to fit the proportions of the chosen design.

Jewellery items can be made on request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Yellow gold, White gold Rose Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum (please ask for quote)

For each unique shape of gemstone we create an individual setting (bezel or claw) by hand out of metal or first model it in wax and get it cast by our casting company in Adelaide, then file, sand, and polish the piece of jewellery, e.g. bezel set gemstones by gently hammering the edge all around onto the it, polish the jewellery item again and clean it.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom made jewelleryTalisman Ring Eye of Envy Turkish Amulet created with a 18ct Yellow Gold shank with a 925 Ag Sterling Silver insert featuring a round faceted Royal blue Australian Sapphire and 9 Diamonds in Brilliant cut as eye lashes

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