Medieval belt buckles cloak pins Gothic Style Fibula

Medieval cloak pins Early Gothic Style Fibula pair with chain
Medieval cloak pins Early Gothic Style Fibula pair with chainMedieval cloak pins Gothic Style Fibula as beltbuckleMedieval cloak pins Gothic Style Fibula as beltbuckle or brooch
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Our jewellery items of the medieval period are no art copies. The casts are authentic replicas prepared from handcrafted originals reproduced in the according antique style (Celtic, Byzantine, Gothic or Viking)
Medieval Cloak pins Gothic Style Fibula Replica approx. 13th century as brooch, belt buckle or pair of cloak pins with chain and hook attachment. 3.9cm Diameter 1 1/2 inches
The ornament is part of the sacristy of Clermont Cathedral, which I found in the book 'The styles of Ornament' by Alexander Speltz, being classified as Gothic ornament. Quote: “....Gothic Style ....originally proceeded from Northern France...

Regarding Clermont Cathedral: The construction started in 1248 and was finished in the 19th century.
In some articles the cathedral is mentioned in conjunction with the first Crusade, however the actual church was an earlier Romanesque church. The sacristy is an essential part of the cathedral and must have been finished early to hold church services. In Early Gothic, in the 13th century, the leaves were nearly always more or less conventionalized with a slight naturalistic leaning. Later on, the leaves were produced with more force and energy, becoming finally, in Late Gothic, much more naturalistic in their form.”
Another book of ours 'A History of Art' by H.W. Janson describes: “Late Gothic architecture and sculpture strive for picturesque effects rather than clarity and firmness.” According to those two descriptions, we conclude that the flower/star ornament from the Sacristy must resemble Early Gothic Period approximately 13th century.

We were unable to find specific evidence for the exact types of chains used.

The chain links, we used, are the dangling pieces from the Russian Viking Needle case pendant, which to us looks like a generic chain:
Bronze; cast. L. 7 cm
Culture of Ancient Rus. 12th century
Barrow, formerly Olonetsk Province, Lodeinopolsky District, the Village of Nikolshchina
Source of Entry:  Leningrad Institute of History and Linguistics. 1932

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