Ring Eye of Envy Talisman in 9ct Yellow Gold and Silver

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AUD650.00 each

Photos display this Ring artistically designed as symbolic Talisman Eye of Envy in 18ct Yellow Gold shank with Silver insert, 9 Diamonds in Brilliant cut, bead set as eye lashes into the eyebrow, faceted Royal blue Australian Sapphire as Iris bezel set in a separately hand-made yellow gold setting. More info about the Eye of Envy below.

This ring combines two different metals, which requires a lot of skill, using 2 metals with different melting points and expansion while soldering.

Gemstones not included in price!

Customize your jewellery with your choice of metal or gemstone in regards to:

variety, quality: colour, cut, clarity, size (ct - weight), shape or price!

Quote supplied for each custom order according to your specifications and preferences.Ouroboros Ring image Snake swallowing its own tail

Please refer to our product information under the right-hand menu and get inspired by our Australian Opal selection.

We will give recommendations about Shape and Size of gemstones to fit the proportions of the chosen design.

Our rings are of good solid weight and thickness, not too thin - you will feel it.
The normal turnover time for this ring is 4 -6 weeks. 
Initially we started this ring carved out of wax.
If you need the ring by a specific date, e.g. wedding, please advise us. We will do our best to match the date and will let you know, if it is possible for us to finish your ring and mail it in time.
For each unique shape of gemstone we create an individual setting (bezel or claw) by hand out of metal or first model it in wax and get it cast by our casting company in Adelaide, then file, sand, and polish the piece of jewellery, e.g. bezel set gemstones by gently hammering the edge all around onto the it, polish the jewellery item again and clean it.

Medieval Betrothal Ring Clasped Hands, Federing, Irish Claddagh RingJewellery items can be made on request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Yellow gold, White gold Rose Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum (please ask for quote)

Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom made jewellery

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What is the Evil Eye?

Throughout human history, in every culture and religion, the eye has been considered as a powerful talisman to defy evil forces,
thus preventing disease, poverty, accidents or other misfortune from befalling the wearer....
Even well-intended compliments include a conscious or unconscious dose of envy
and resentment. Many cultures in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Arabia, Turkey and as far as India believe the envy of others can cause harm and
all the bad energy or negative power will be directed to the amulet to be broken.
It is said, the typical blue color is a factor in protecting the user.
It is worn as bracelet, earring or necklace, hung above doorways, from the rear-view mirrors of cars or pinned to the shirts of newborn babies.

In fact, any disease which did not have an immediate, obvious cause was thought to be caused by the evil eye.
It was thought that the gods and goddesses were punishing those who had become too proud of their achievements, and destroyed them with the power of
the evil eye to restore them to the level of mere mortals.
We find this symbol in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies.
The earliest known evidence for belief in the evil eye goes back to ancient Greece and Rome.

Turkish people believe a lucky eye amulet protects against the Evil Eye.

In Shahih Muslim Book 26, the prophet Muhammad warns about the dangers of the evil eye and says that one must take a bath in order to counteract the effects
 of the evil eye’s power.
Hinduism preaches that the eye is the most powerful point at which the body can give off energy, resulting in the supply of milk from cows drying up - again, this idea dates back to the fear of undue praise.
In fact, the Hindus will offer the “admiring” glancer a bowl of milk to counteract the threat of the evil eye.
Interestingly, the Hindus teach that times of change in life--as during puberty, marriage or childbirth--one is most vulnerable
to the threat of the evil eye. Hindus also believe that even animals such as the snake are capable of giving one the evil eye.
In South India women are painting their eyelids black to protect themselves from the evil eye, and to prevent themselves from eyeing another with the look.

In South America, Brazil it is known as the “fat eye” - insincere compliments are thought to put one at stake.

In Europe The largest source of the evil eye was believed to be witches. Yet those with eye colors, which were rare, were also seen as powerful possessors
of the evil eye look. For instance, Germans feared those with red eyes.
In Ireland, those with squinty eyes were feared to be evil eye sorcerers.
In Italy, the unibrow was another sign that one would cast an evil eye.

    Hebrew Evil Eye – Ayin Ha’ra
    Arabic Evil Eye – Ayin Harsha
    Turkish Evil Eye – Nazar Boncugu
    Romans Evil Eye – Oculus Malus
    Italian Evil Eye – Mal Occhio
    Spanish Bad Eye - Mal ojo or The Eye - El ojo
    France Evil Eye – Mauvais Oeil
    Sicilian protection from the eye - jettatore
    Farsi – Bla Band
    Scotland – Droch Shuil
    Germany – Böser Blick
    Ashkenazi Yiddish phrase "no evil eye" - Keyn aynhoreh!

Methods of Protection against the Evil Eye
In addition to the use of evil eye amulets, the Greeks would carry incense or the cross as protection against the evil eye.
New mothers would keep objects as protection under their pillows or on their heads, and these included red, black, or white strings, a nail, gunpowder,
bread, salt, garlic, a ring, indigo blue, or a pair of silver buckles. Each of these objects held a meaning which made it a good defense against the
evil eye. For instance, gunpowder symbolized an ability to fight back against the evil eye. The nail symbolized strength. Indigo held its power
in its blue coloring. Salt was a symbol of preservation and strength.

Evil Eye Remedies

If these preventative steps failed, however, the Greeks had many more remedies against the evil eye. In some villages, the fur of a bear would be burnt
to cure the curse. In others, a gypsy would massage the forehead to get rid of the ill effects of the evil eye.

In many countries, including Greece, Armenia, and Assyria, it is thought that a pinch on the rear will remedy the curse of the evil eye.
In Europe, some Christians have the tradition of creating the sign of the cross with their hands, while at the same time pointing the index and pinky finger
toward the source of the evil eye. In Bangladesh, a black dot is drawn on the forehead of children to ward off the evil eye curse.
Pretty young women have a secret dot drawn in kohl behind their ears to protect against the evil eye.
Common belief: those most often in the spotlight, such as celebrities, or those with success or reasons to be proud, should probably carry with them
the protection of an evil eye amulet or evil eye talisman -- just to be safe!Bangle in Sterling Silver featuring a father's artificial eye

More Info @ www.nazarboncugu.com

We also created a bangle as setting for the artificial eye of a client's father, who wanted to have it always with him, especially when flying his ultra-light air craft to keep an eye on him.

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