Every piece of jewellery we produce is sealed with stamps of quality assurance: guild mark


In 1996 we joined the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, which accepts only members who meet and maintain the high standards set out under their constitution.
We sent in two pieces of jewellery made by Martin for assessment by his peers reflecting technical expertise in the profession of a goldsmith. The items submitted had to conform to the following guidelines as well:

The jewellery items had to be principally hand-crafted in Gold and/or Silver.
The items had to be both functionally and aesthetically well designed.

As a member of the Guild in NSW, Martin is now registered to use the Guild Membership Mark, a Kangaroo Head, a symbol of excellence in Design and Craftsmanship in Australian handmade precious metal articles.Maker's Mark MP Martin Planert

This special mark will be used to mark his products out of precious metal accompanied by his Makers Mark. The Makers Mark is always a distinctive device which is the signature of the Maker.

A permanent record of Martin's Makers Mark on a fine silver touch plate is being kept under security by the Guild to enable a work marked by him to be identified with certainty at any time in the future which is essential for the recognition of antique jewellery. That will present the consumer in Australia with an important set of guarantees:
You or your descendants will always be able to identify Martin Planert as the Designer and Maker of the article you have purchased.
You will know that the maker is a professional who will guarantee the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Our hallmarks signify our trustworthiness and credibility, and it’s these attributes which assures every piece of jewellery is crafted to the highest quality standard.
You will know that the article is made of refined precious metals that meet the standards recommended by the Standards Association of Australia.


Australian Standards

The Australian Standards in precious metal jewellery were set to regulate and control the carat of precious metal in jewellery pieces for Australia.

It requires a stamp which ensures quality and purity of metal.

We are using following purity hallmarks:

22 for 22ct gold

750 for 18ct gold, containing 750 parts per thousand (75%) fine gold

585 for 14ct gold

375 for 9ct gold

333 for 8ct gold

950 and Pall for Palladium

Plat for Platinum

925 for Sterling silver


You find further explanation of materials we use on our webpage: Facts about Gold


Here are a few reasons clients come to our Jewellery Design Studio:

1.At our Jewellery Design Studio you will always be talking to an Internationally trained and experienced Designer, Goldsmith and Restorer, not a sales person with little or no experience
2.You will always receive Honest and True assessments that are in your best interest
3.You get Personalized by Appointment Service
4.Your jewellery will be manufactured by International Standard- Experienced goldsmith and restorer, Martin Planert, who has worked in Germany and Australia for over 30 years.
5.Your restored Jewellery will look like new through using antique tested as well as the latest restoration techniques.
6.Your personal needs are important to us and we will do everything we can to understand your needs.
7.Your Jewellery will be comfortable to wear
8.Jewellery manufacture is probably the oldest form of recycling practiced for centuries as every gram of gold can be remodelled, re-melted and re-used, even polishing dust. Your piece of jewellery could  contain gold of Aztec crowns.
9.We assist clients in finding a healing gemstone and set it as appealing jewellery fulfilling special requirements such as the gemstone touching the skin.
10.We are using a Palladium-White-Gold Alloy instead of allergy-causing Nickel-White-Gold
11.We use cardboard boxes as packaging instead of plastic
12.We buy certified conflict-free diamonds Russian cut from an Australian Supplier and Australian Opals directly from a miner. This certifies that a fair price is paid to the miners to support their work.
13.Ask around: we produce highest quality Fine Jewellery in an ecologically responsible way lasting longer than cars or computers which can be handed down through generations. Diamonds are Forever.
14.You know you will get excellent quality and experience