Custom Made Jewellery

Please allow 3 weeks for manufacture of Jewellery and sizing after receipt of a 50% deposit, dispatch after receipt of full payment. New Designs, special requirements or ordering gemstones on demand require extra time.

We also provide original handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery incorporating your design ideas, Restoration, Remodelling, recreate Antique or Medieval jewellery items and offer Diamond Setting, Repairs and Restringing of pearl or bead jewellery. We enjoy special client's requests, e.g. for jewellery from a different time period or in the style of a certain country, working from original photos as authentic as possible or adapt our designs accordingly. Our jewellery will last for generations and develop into family heirlooms.

Jewellery items can be made on request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Palladium. We are using Palladium White Gold instead of Nickel White Gold Alloys as they are known to cause allergies.  Palladium is a precious heavy metal, so Palladium White Gold is denser, heavier and more difficult to process as the melting temperatures are substantially higher. Therefore jewellery made in Palladium White Gold is more expensive than identical pieces in nickel white gold. We cannot blacken White Gold like Silver.

The blackened silver is achieved by oxidizing with alkaline sulphides and highlights added afterwards with a handmade polishing steel.

Unless stated, Prices may vary according to the current gold price and the ring size. Please ask for a quote stating the delivery address, that we can include the correct postage cost and check the availability of desired gemstones.

Our rings are of good weight and width, solid, not too thin - you will feel it. You can get your ring size checked at any local jewellery shop. We convert from any measurement.

e.g. Size: 66  = circumference = 21mm Inside diameter = 11.5 American ring size = Size X  in Britain. If you know your ring size or could find out, we can provide a more exact quote.

We provide conflict-free diamonds with superb Russian cut from an Australian Supplier (certificate available) in the quality you desire, Opals directly from the miner as well as gemstones or pearls on demand e.g.: natural Saltwater Pearl round, cultured Pearl, natural Keshi Pearl (odd shape), Biwa Freshwater Pearl. Colour varieties for pearls e.g. white, yellow, pink or black.

Please find more information on our webpages about the materials we use.

Diamond Information    •   Pearl Information    •   Opal Information

Birthstones, Zodiac or Astrological Stones & Anniversary Stones

For information on precious gemstones please refer to the International Colored Gemstone Association ICA

Gemstone Healing Guide