Silver Medieval Betrothal Ring Clasped Hands St. Andrew's Cross engraving

antique Wedding Ring clasped Hands,  Handshake Silver, Partner ring, Engagement ring, Hand ring, Heraldic Rings, Celtic Jewellery, Claddagh ring image, Irish: fáinne Chladach
antique Wedding Ring clasped Hands,  Handshake Silver, Partner ring, Engagement ring, Hand ring, Heraldic Rings, Celtic Jewellery, Claddagh ring image, Irish: fáinne ChladachWedding Ring clasped Hands sideviewWedding Ring clasped Hands Sterling SilverHandring Sterling Silver halfround profile without engravingMedieval Betrothal Wedding Ring clasped Hands engraved Fede Ring, Gimmel Ring, Irish Claddagh Ring
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It is said: "Nothing is more symbolic than a beautiful piece of jewellery". The fact is, there are jewellery items with even more significant meaning and symbolism.

This ring, resembling a handshake - the earliest form of a contract, is one example, symbolizing the promise of marriage - a wedding contract. Please find more information below.

Medieval Wedding Ring clasped Hands Original picture from Book about Fuchsenhof HoardOur jewellery items are no art copies. The casts are replicas prepared from our handcrafted originals, initially carved in wax and are authentic reproductions in the according style.

This ring can be presented as an engagement ring, partner ring, love ring or friendship ring. The design for the clasped hand ring with St. Andrew's Cross engraving along the ring shank is based on:

‘Everyday Jewellery’ of the 13th century from ‘The Fuchsenhof Hoard’ (buried 1275-1278), now in the Landesmuseum Oberösterreich. This design may be older as it is difficult to exactly date rings because of lack of examples and strong wear marks.

From Antiquity to 19th century, predominantly during  the 11th, 12th and 13th centuryfede or “clasped hands” rings were worn by men and women in Central Europe and Western Europe, Italy and were called "Mani in fede" = "Hands in Trust", plighted troth.

Archaeologists have identified rings with intertwined hands as engagement or wedding rings symbolising the handshake contract or promise of marital faithfulness.

In Roman times this type of ring was often referred to as Concordia - for Concord, the goddess of harmony who was worshiped as the bringer of marital harmony. Consequently this concept was used for a marriage ring or gold fede. From the 12th through the 17th centuries it was a fairly common form of marriage ring or employed as friendship ring, faith ring, trust ring or loyalty ring , also referred to as Gimmel ring. You find a sample of a gold fede at the National Maritime Museum London England.

It also appears as Heraldic Ring, in Celtic Jewellery or is known as Claddagh ring, Irish: fáinne Chladach, Claddaugh Rings, Betrothal Ring, Gimmel Ring, Promise Rings.
Traditionally, claddaghs are expressions of love and friendship.

We provide original handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery incorporating your design ideas, restoration, remodelling, recreate antique or medieval jewellery items and offer diamond setting, repair and restringing of pearl or bead jewellery. We enjoy special client's requests for period jewellery of any century or in the style of a certain country or tradition working from original photos or adapt our designs accordingly.

Options for this ring:  

with or without St. Andrew's Cross engraving

925 Ag  Sterling Silver tarnish resistant
or blackened 925 Ag oxidised Silver with alkaline sulphides and highlights added afterwards with a handmade polishing steel.

9, 14, 18 Yellow, White or Rose Gold

Platinum or a combination of materials by request

(please ask for quote)

We make the ring to your size.
If the Andreas Cross Engraving is desired, we would have to charge an extra $25 for enlargements, because the engraving is done by hand.
In that case, we would issue a new invoice with our bank details or authorize a paypal invoice, if preferred.Pair of fitting Rings in 18ct Yellow Gold Yin Yang Design featuring facetted Emeralds

Gemstones not included in price!

Customize your jewellery with your choice of metal or gemstone in regards to:

variety, quality: colour, cut, clarity, size (ct - weight), shape or price!

Quote supplied for each custom order according to your specifications and preferences.

Please refer to our product information under the right-hand menu.

We will give recommendations about Shape and Size of gemstones to fit the proportions of the chosen design.

Our rings are of good solid weight and thickness, not too thin - you will feel it.Eye of Envy Talisman Ring based on Turkish belief to ward off Evil featuring faceted Royal Blue Australian Sapphire and 9 Diamonds in Brilliant cut as eye lashes, Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold with sterling Silver insert as Iris
The normal turnover time for this ring is 4 -6 weeks. 

If you need the ring by a specific date, e.g. wedding, please advise us. We will do our best to match the date and will let you know, if it is possible for us to finish your ring and mail it in time.
For each unique shape of gemstone we create an individual setting (bezel or claw) by hand out of metal or first model it in wax and get it cast by our casting company in Adelaide, then file, sand, and polish the piece of jewellery, e.g. bezel set gemstones by gently hammering the edge all around onto the it, polish the jewellery item again and clean it.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom made jewellery

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