Our client's responses

Thank you M&D for my beautiful wedding ring featured in this photo. I love it! You were able to translate my vague ideas, and 3 diamonds that were a gift from my mother, into this lovely piece. I have received many compliments about it. Martin called it a "dance on my finger". Thank you for your professionalism and creativity.
The ring did indeed arrive safely and it is perfectly everything I'd ever dreamed and more. My fiancé is over the moon and I'm sure any description I give of her reaction would be understated. I received the ring on Monday and surprised her with it on Tuesday. The ring is absolutely and in all ways perfect. We are both very very happy with the masterful result you achieved. I think the previously discussed carving would have made the overall look too busy and distracted from the elegant simplicity of the diamond trio.
We received the rings in the mail today and we are absolutely delighted!! Thankyou so much for the work carried out. They all look beautiful!!! We will get back to you as soon as we can regarding the quotes for the wedding rings. Also, I was wondering if I could please order another gum leaf ring (my best friend saw mine and wanted one immediately!)
The ring arrived safely yesterday and is stunning. And what made it better is that Tracey (My fiancee) loves it as much, if not more, than I do. Thank you so very much for it – I'm already looking at buying more from you in the future.
As I said over the phone I am over the moon with the finish of my rings and would like to thank you and Martin so so so much as I am one very happy wife!!!
I'm very excited to finally have a stunning set of rings :-) Again, many thanks for your stunning work.

Thank you, have received all it looks amazing! May have to tighten the headpiece ever so slightly, thank you for the tips! I probably won’t drink out of the horn all night. I imagine I or my boyfriend will wear it more as part of the costume than for a cup, although I am planning on setting it up on display in my house afterwards! I am really looking forward to my party, and I cannot thank you enough for all the special personal touches you have helped bring! Again, I will be sure to send you a photo of your work in action!

Picked up my snake chain from the post office yesterday. White Gold is so dense for the size, it feels so nice. I wore it at work rather then leave the envelope lying around. I think I will save up for a yellow gold one in 18ct as well.
Thanks for the beautiful photos and thanks for your good wishes. My wife is thrilled with the pendant and yes, indeed she was wrapped in it on Friday evening ! We had a delightful dinner at the restaurant and a very enjoyable time. Now we will have to work on the items for our daughters! Thanks again for all of your time and of course the beautiful creation!!
My rings have arrived and I am absolutely delighted with another perfect job completed by Martin. Please thank him for me. As you could see arthritis has made my joints larger than ever but hopefully my beautiful rings will detract from them.
We now have our rings. They are gorgeous. They fit perfectly and we are so grateful for you creating them. Stephen says he cannot express his gratitude enough for you making them.
They are absolutely stunning we love them. Thank you also for your lovely card
just wanting to let you know the ring fits perfect and John is sending you a
big thank you, it looks great and one cannot see a sign of the cut. John is very pleased.
Thank you so much for this [Ouroboros] information!!! I’m a firm believer in things at certain times come into your life for a reason. This would be one of those things. I can’t begin to tell you how special this ring will probably become to me.
Just wanted to let you know the rings arrived safe and sound at the end of last week.
The wedding ring is simply spectacular - Max and I are both very taken with it, especially when fitted with the engagement ring. Martin's craftsmanship is second to none! Thanks again for creating such a beautiful piece.
Thank you for making our 50th anniversary so special. I love the ring.

just wanted to let you know I have picked up the ring and it is perfect in every way! Many thanks for this treasure - I will love wearing it.

from Switzerland: Good Day, I received the ring today (without additional customs duty). It looks as I had hoped for - and fits perfectly! Original: Guten Tag, ich habe heute den Ring (ohne zusätzliche Zollkosten) erhalten. Er sieht aus, wie ich es mir erhoffte - und passt bestens! Mit herzlichem Dank und mit freundlichen Grüßen

just wanted to let you know, that the ring has been picked up today and the lady was absolutely enthusiastic about your wonderful work. The ring looks phantastic on her hand. (Original: Wollte Euch nur schnell mitteilen, dass der Ring heute abgeholt wurde und die Dame total begeistert war von Deiner wunderbaren Arbeit. Der Ring sieht phantastisch aus an ihrer Hand.)

Thank you so much for the wonderful bells. Their color is brilliant and their weight will be just right for the costume. I love that they are larger then the pictures on your website. I will show them around the museum and my husband loves them as well. When my costume is finished I will send you a pic. for your collection or website. Thank You Again. They are lovely and true works of art.

I just had to write and tell you what a success the silver toothpick has been with my husband. He was absolutely delighted. It is very much better than the previous one he had that broke and he says that not only is a pleasure to use but he can see that the quality is so much better. Once again, many thanks and I would now like to order another one for my son.

I found your site just by chance and luck. I was searching for a particular design of opal ring -- something to replace a ring that I lost. Up popped your site, and the beautiful eucalyptus pieces stopped me right in my tracks, as we say in the US. Now I feel as though I've found friends!! Thank you both so much, for your kindness and for the wonderful correspondence.

Thank you so much for creating my beautiful new jewellery with mum's diamonds. I wear them every day with pleasure. You both showed compassion & understanding in your dealings with me and your pride in your work and your professional approach is to be commended. I hope the positive (wow!) comments I have had from my friends creates business for you
Thank you so much for the photo and for the work you did with the ring, we love it. I have shown a few of the family members and they agree just how lovely it is. I have put it away with a small letter for Emma and in time will give it to her Mother to keep until she thinks the time is right, you never know I could still be here when she is 18 years but we will see.

Package has arrived safely - BEAUTIFUL - we are very happy with the ring. We showed it to our friends and neighbours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a Beautiful Ring. The effort and care you put into your work shows - I will show it off with pride. I look forward to our 2nd anniversary!!"

Thank you for the beautiful pearl earrings you have made for me. They are just what I envisaged.

Dearest M & D, Thank you so much for our beautiful rings. We absolutely love the engagement ring. We get lots of comments about how antique and traditional it looks. The wedding rings are also doing their job. D. has become quite attached to his and I think it will stay on his finger for good. Thanks again for your time and contribution to our marriage. All our love P&D

Thank you so much for making my lovely necklace, and also to Dörte for the beading. It will be perfect for my outfit for L&G’s wedding one month from today. Hope to see you both when down South sometime again. Many Thanks K.

I just wanted to let you know that the gift's recipient was absolutely delighted with it!
Thank you so much for your prompt, helpful service.
Thank you so much for the photo and for the work you did with the ring, we love it. I have shown a few of the family members and they agree just how lovely it is. I have put it away with a small letter for my granddaughter and in time will give it to her Mother to keep until she thinks the time is right, never know, I could be here when she is 18 years but we will see.

from Portugal: Bom dia, Let me say this: PERFECT, EXTRAORDINARY. You are artists. As you can understand, I've got the rings. I also want to thank for the beautiful postcard. When I saw my Ouroboros, I was without words (sem palavras). What can you say of something that you dream, and you saw it. THANK YOU. You are part of my present and the future of my family. I will send pictures of my wedding. P.S.: If some day, I went to Australia, we would be very happy to meet you. Like I said in past mail, if you need something from me or Portugal, I am at your disposal.

from France: I've just received my ouroboros ring !! I am very happy , its beautiful and comfortable! it take its place so well on my finger that its seems to me that I wear it since a long time , a very long time ! this ring bring me life-energy :-) thanks a lot , I have been moved by your kind welcome !

from France: Here is the happy end of the story: we finally received the parcel yesterday! It had been held by the French Customs... in Paris, while we were waiting for it in Marseille! Actually the parcel had been there for several weeks but we hadn't been informed of this because of the strike in Marseille! We had to pay taxes but we are glad to finally get the ring and all this mess will remain as a funny story in our wedding memories. In any case, thank you very much for your help. We won't forget you!
Thanks for the beautiful photos and thanks for your good wishes. J is thrilled with the pendant and yes, indeed she was wrapped in it on Friday evening ! We had a delightful dinner at Z and a very enjoyable time. Now we will have to work on the items for K and M! Thanks again for all of your time and of course the beautiful creation!!

I'm sorry I did't emailed you as soon as I received the necklace. My friend had to leave earlier due to everything that is going on, but luckily I received the Silver Long Eucalypt Leaf Pendant just in time to give it to her. Her and I met each other when we had both just moved to Melbourne, and she is now moving back to Norway after three years here. I gave her the necklace along with a collection of photos showing some of the highlights of the past three years. She teared up with joy and absolutely loved the pendant and also the leather strap, and has no intention on getting a silver chain for it, so everything turned out perfectly.

I am very grateful that you made it possible for me to give her the perfect gift. Thank you.

Just wanted to let you know the rings arrived safe and sound at the end of last week. The wedding ring is simply spectacular – M.. and I are both very taken with it, especially when fitted with the engagement ring. Martin's craftsmanship is second to none! Looking forward to seeing M's ring. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful piece.
M.. signed for the package today.....so I thought it was a bit silly to wait to give it to him. He is completely over the moon with the ring. It is simply stunning - Martin is absolute magic! Thank you also for the lovely Christmas card. Xoxoxoxo I hope you are well and safe through these crazy times.
The parcel arrived, the horn is beautiful. The ring though is a work of art, thank you so much, we will definitely be seeing you guys for the wedding rings.

The ring arrived and we are now engaged. She loves the ring. Your photos on the website do not do it justice, it is a work of art. We had an awesome festival, spent lots of money and caught up with lots of friends, and the tent I built even survived the storm on Thursday night. Thank you for helping make this the best festival ever for Aj and I.

from the Netherlands: Today I received the Ouroboros ring. It is amazing! Very high quality, a beautiful piece with the ruby eyes. I really enjoy it now. Many thanks.

Thank you so much for the Ouroboros Rings! They arrived in time and were absolutely perfect! My friend was looking for an Ouroboros Ring for years already. He couldn't stop smiling for the entire day, he was so happy, and mine is now keeping my fingers company. They're absolutely gorgeous, and I can't thank you enough. You certainly made my day, and his.

Received my ring this afternoon, very happy with it, exactly what I wanted, it was a pleasure dealing with you, I’ll recommend you to friends.

from the Netherlands: It looks exactly like I hoped it would.

I just wanted to let you know that the Ouroboros ring arrived safely and it's lovely. It is my fiancée's engagement ring and he's very happy with it. Thank you so much!

Hi just to let you both know the ring arrived today and its great very pleased with it thank you both its being a pleasure dealing with you thanks and good luck to both of you

just a quick note to tell you that the Ouroboros rings arrived safe and sound and are even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you. I will happily recommend you to anyone.

In the late 80s we had a comedy Si Fi show over here in England, called red dwarf. In one episode a box of supplies was found with the word Ouroboros and above it a snake eating its own tail. Dave Lister one of the crew explains to the rest of the crew the meaning of the symbol. After that I was hooked. Did some research and found out: it is so diverse a symbol and is used in many cultures from Ancient Egypt, American Indians to Norse Mythology in Europe. I have a great picture of a winged serpent, it is very old so I don't know when it was painted but it looks so like my ring. PS Ouroboros is from Cleopatra's Chrysopoeia, which means gold making.

Thank you. I was looking for snake jewelry. Rereading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, a book which I recommend highly, reminded me of the vast amount of religious symbolism surrounding snakes. I always especially like Quetzalqoatl, the winged serpent god of Mesoamerica. Seraphim-type angels are also described as winged serpents somewhere, I think one of the Zoroastrian or non-canonical Muslim books. Anyway, the problem with snake jewelry is that it doesn't move, and divorced of the movement, a snake shape is kind of wimpy. Either that, or it's the bad-ass biker cobra look, which wasn't what I wanted either. What I loved about your design was the wings. It also made me laugh, because this is clearly a very young Ouroboros, which hasn't figured out yet that it has to swallow its tail, not simply bite it. That's just too cute. It's like, even eternal, self-sufficient beings have to find their way. And that's what I think about us all.

Translation: Hallo!!! Yesterday the parcel with the ring (pendant) arrived. I am totally wrapped in reality it looks even nicer than on the photos. Now she only has to say yes. Many thanks !!!! PS. Will tell you the answer !!! - Hallo!!! The answer to my proposal was "Yes". The pendant was a great hit with my bride to be. So thank you again and much success with the rings!!!!
Original: Hallo!!! Gestern ist der Brief mit dem Ring (Anhänger) bei mir angekommen. Bin total begeistert in echt sieht er noch schöner aus als auf den Fotos. Nun muß sie nur noch ja sagen. Vielen Dank !!!! PS. Antwort teile ich mit !!! - Hallo!!! Die Antwort auf den Heiratsantrag war "Ja" . Der Anhänger ist sehr gut angekommen bei meiner Zukünftigen. Also nochmals danke und weiter viel Erfolg mit den Ringen!!!!
I have received the ring and i cannot tell you how happy I am with it!
It is everything i could have wished for and more! I shall be carrying you both around with me for the rest of my life on my finger! Thank you a thousand times for your generosity and artistry! I feel very blessed and lucky!!
That is such a wonderful attitude to have, my husband and I often talk about cottage industry and supporting local business. We are very pleased to have another ring made with such care and consciousness.

Dear A.., We hope the Corona virus situation is not too unsettling for you and you are well and safe.
Your opal ring is finished and looks gorgeous. Martin cut the opal according to its natural shape to maximum size, polishing several surfaces and set it into 9ct Rose gold bezel setting.
We can also mail the ring to your mother, if she is self-isolating or see our clients with face masks or in the garden or on the balcony. Photos not studio quality yet – only quickies that you can see it.
Re: The ring looks absolutely stunning! I am in love with it! Thank you very much. I have just flown back into Australia due to the unfolding situation and I am currently in 14 days of quarantine. I will speak with Mum tonight and she can hopefully come and collect it in the next few days if that suits you. Thank you so much for your time & effort, I couldn’t be happier.

The more I look at the ring the more I love it. It’s just exactly how I envisioned it.I think the edges are even perfect.

Thank you both so much, the ring looks amazing, it’s been a pleasure organising this with you, my planned proposal isn’t till March, but will let you know if anything spontaneous happens before then.
ich trage jetzt seit Silvester euren wunderschoenen Ring, auf den mich schon einige angesprochen haben. Wir hatten eine wundervolle, romantische Zeremonie..... Der Ring hat ein bisschen Magie, ich spuere ihn eigentlich nie wenn ich ihn trage aber wenn ich ihn zum operieren ablegen muss spuere ich es deutlich. ......und ich hoffe wir werden zusammen steinalt. Ich wuensche Euch alles Gute und alles Glueck der Welt. Lieben Gruss aus Portugal

I wanted to tell you that Ian was very surprised & pleased with the silver saxophone. It\'s beautiful, thank you so much.
Thank you so much for my beautiful ring. It is absolutely stunning. Once again your work has thrilled me.
Wir wollten uns auf diesem Wege nur noch einmal für unsere wundervollen Hochzeitsringe bedanken und ein wundervolles Weihnachtsfest mit einem noch schöneren neuen Jahr wünschen. Beste Grüsse aus Düren/Deutschland

That's awesome that you guys finished it up so quick for me. This time of year always throws a spanner in the works for me in terms of receiving bits and pieces for the film - it's no problem at all. I'd searched the Internet for the perfect Ouroboros ring for quite a while until I found yours, can't wait to shoot it :) It's a time travel film so the concept of the Ouroboros fits beautifully.The ring is amazing, thanks so much! I'll make sure you see the movie when it's done

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