Regarding ethical practices in coloured gemstone mining, concerning

  • "Blood" or conflict gems
  • forced or child labour and unsafe conditions
  • destruction of natural habitat or eco-friendly mining

please read Hamid Bros newsletter from one of our suppliers

There were some differences in the referenced lists, so I mention the most common gemstone possibilities I found. There are definitely numerous other beautiful gemstones to explore.


January  Garnetgarnet imageAlmandine garnet imagegarnet kite bead chain image
              Rose Quartzrose quartz imageRose quartz image rectangular facetted  
February   AmethystAmethyst crystal imageAmethyst image marquise cutoval Amethyst image Onyx Onyx Image
March   Aquamarine aquamarin crystal imageAquamarin image Red Jasper Red Jasper imageRed Jasper image rough crystal
            BloodstoneHeliotrope Bloodstone image 
April   Diamondraw diamond imageBrillant imageHeartshaped Diamond imageTrilliant image
           Rock Crystalrock crystal image Zirconblue Zircon image

May   Emeraldemerald imageemerald image Chrysoprasechrysoprase imagechrysoprase image
          green Tourmalinegreen tourmaline imagegreen tourmaline imagetourmalin crystal image

June   OpalsAustralian Opal imagegreen boulder opal imageblue boulder opal image Moonstonemoonstone image
          Pearlsfreshwater pearl imageTahitian Black pearl imageSaltwater pearl imageSaltwater pearl pendant image

July   Rubyruby crystal imageRuby imageRuby imageRuby imageRuby imagepurple Star Ruby image
         Carneliancarnelian imagecarnelian imagecarnelian imagecarneol image

August   PeridotPeridot image Olivin AventurineAventurine imageblue Aventurine image Quartzquartz image

September   SapphireCeylon type blue Sapphire imageoctagonal IndianYellow sapphire imageAustralian green Sapphire imagepink sapphire imageyellow Sapphire image fancy cutpurple Sapphire imageoval faceted Sapphire imagependant sapph multicolouredpendant sapphires multicoloured
                   Lapis LazuliLapislazulil imagelapis lazuli image rectangular beads

October   Tourmalinepink_black_bicoloured_tourmaline_imagenecklace bicoulored Tourmaline imagePendant Yellow Gold rectangular and oval turquoise tourmaline images OpalAustralian Opal imageSolid Australian Boulder Opal image

November   Topazyellow Topaz imageBlue Topaz image round facettedblue Topaz image Tiger's Eyetigereyetiger eye bead image

December   Zirconblue Zircon imageBlue Zircon image round facetted TurquoisTurquoise image rough uncutTurquoise image highly domed cabouchonTurquois Mountain Spiderweb image


Zodiac or Astrological StonesStarsign symbols

Jan20-Feb18       Aquarius     Sapphire, Garnet
Feb19-Mar20       Pisces        Coral, Amethyst
Mar21-Apl19       Aries          Amethyst, Bloodstone
Apl20-May20      Taurus        Emerald, Sapphire
May21-Jun21      Gemini       Aquamarine, Agate
Jun22-Jul22        Cancer       Jade, Emerald
Jul23-Aug23       Leo            Ruby, Onyx
Aug23-Sp22       Virgo          Carnelian
Sep23-Oct23      Libra           Diamond, Chrysoberyl
Oct24-Nov21      Scorpio       Topaz, Beryl
Nov22-Dec21     Sagittarius   Turquoise, Topaz
Dec22-Jan19      Capricorn    Agate, Ruby

Wedding Anniversary List

  1    Clocks
  2    China
  3    Crystal & Glass
  4    Electrical Appliances
  5    Silverware
  6    Wooden Ware
  7    Desk Sets, Pens& Pencil Sets
  8    Linen  & Lace
  9    Leather
10    Diamond Jewellery
11    Fashion Jewellery, Accessories
12    Pearls or coloured stones
13    Textiles & Furs
14    Gold Jewellery, Opal Jewellery
15    Watches
18    Opal Jewellery
20    Platinum
25    Silver Jubilee
30    Diamond
35    Jade
40    Ruby
45    Sapphire
50    Golden Jubilee
55    Emerald
60    Diamond Jubilee
For information on precious gemstones please refer to the International Colored Gemstone Association ICA:
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