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Pendant in 18ct White Gold featuring 6 blue and pink Sapphires Art noveau Style

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457 POi Pendant Waterfall Design in 18ct Yellow Gold combined with 925 Ag Sterling Silver featuring a large oval facetted TanzaniteGet inspired by our website and online store. Please contact us with your ideas to start the conversation. We listen to let your investment in a piece of customised Fine Jewellery, that lasts a lifetime, truly reflect your desires as close as possible. 

Martin’s greatest inspiration are his clients and he seeks to capture and reflect Ring in 18ct White Gold Celtic Knot design featuring oval purple Star Sapphire and fitted wedding Ring aspects of the wearer’s personality in the design. At the heart of Martin’s jewellery lies his desire to create truly beautiful pieces that express himself and his clients and most of all bring joy to people.

Instead of an assembly of premanufactured items we combine our designer creativity, over 30 years of technical expertise and highest quality materials to create timeless, uniquely beautiful Micro Sculptures as Wearable Art.

Earstud pair waterfall Design featuring Broome South Sea Pearls best Australian Opals image highest quality

Interpretation transforms the initial Inspiration often by the beauty of Nature & Art into our own individual custom-designed creations. Using mainly hand tools, hammer, files, drills and carving tools in traditional techniques from antiquity, Martin developed his own unique pieces of art, perfected under the microscope.

He specializes in a broad variety of jewellery types and styles ranging from contemporary designer rings, pendants, earrings, brooches etc to classical styles, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and authentic medieval reproduction pieces, often highly sculptured to emphasize shape and proportion.

Jewellery manufacture is probably the oldest form of recycling, practiced for millennia as every gram of Ear stud Pair Baroque Style in 9ct Yellow Gold featuring round faceted Garnets and Diamonds in Brilliant cut gold can be re-melted and re-used, even polishing dust.
Your piece of jewellery could even contain gold of Aztec crowns.Diamond information, Diamonds in Brilliant cut, best clarity diamonds, Marquise cut diamonds, Russian cut Diamond, conflict-free diamonds  

Our Jewellery can be handed down as heirlooms through generations. As professional manufacturing Jewellers & Designers, Goldsmiths & Diamond setters we can remodel inherited jewellery and re-use Client's gold and gemstones, whenever possible. Diamonds are Forever.

Working together with very reliable Australian gemstone suppliers we are able to source conflict-free highest quality hand-picked Diamonds with best brilliance in every grade and all other precious gemstones or pearls on demand, which allows versatility to perfectly suit the design and the budget of our clients. We buy Australian Opals directly from a Queensland miner. 

We work mainly with hand tools using traditional techniques. Our individual Ring in 18ct White Gold Celtic Knot design featuring oval purple Star Sapphire and fitted wedding Ringdesigns, often highly sculptured pieces of art, are our own unique creations, inspired by Nature & Art, 

With Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold and 950 Pd Palladium featuring fancy cut yellow Sapphire and Diamonds in Brilliant cut pride in our work, we place a lot of emphasis on making each jewellery item appealing from every dimension, even from the back.

We are not limited by a computer program, which is equipped with existing styles only, needing to be sent to a wax extruding machine. We are free to accommodate all kinds of gemstones, not just calibrated sizes with the same shapes and angles. The jewellery we offer is not easy to reproduce. 

Assisting clients to find the perfect stone and set it according to their Pendant Lyrebird Design in Sterling Silver highly sculpturedindividual taste and requirements e.g. the gemstone touching the skin can be a rewarding challenge.

Using a Palladium White Gold Alloy for our hand-crafted jewellery prevents allergies from Nickel White Gold. Completely hand-crafted jewellery is starting with alloying the different colours of 18, 14 or 9 ct yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, palladium and sterling silver. We are offering remodelling, resetting, resizing and polishing. Repairs are done professionally by ourselves and are not sent away, even restoration of antique jewellery. We work together with other expert professionals: gemcutters, engravers and watchmakers.

bicoloured ring in 18ct Yellow Gold White Gold with strong symbolism as Eye of Envy Talisman featuring a faceted Royal Blue Australian Sapphire bezel set and Diamonds in Brilliant cut bead setOur Business Philosophyour Workbench as sketch

The magic of our jewellery is not only in the products we create - it's deeply embedded in ethical business. We are happy, when our clients are happy, especially if our clients keep coming back and have become our friends.
We always tried to source our gemstones from local Australian suppliers for over 25 years, despite competition having become fierce due to Internet prices undercutting normal shop prices and even wholesale prices.
We emphasize best, hand-picked quality, cut not too high, not too low with colours as desired or excellent radiance (sparkle). We want our clients to wear their jewellery with pride and the knowledge they received a very special Masterpiece of Art!
Our satisfied clients have come back several times and word of mouth has been our best advertisement.

Quite often we see ourselves as problem solvers, trying to find a solution for the nearly impossible. soldering setting into ring shank with jewellers soldering torch 

From 2003 until 2017 we have been donating our time to hand-finish the medals for the 18 race categories of the annual Tathra Wharf to Wave Ocean Swim. We hope you enjoy our webpage as much as we enjoy creating our jewellery. 

Please keep recommending it to your friends and inform us of any malfunctioning.
Martin Portrait 2012With compliments

Martin  &  Dörte Planert

Martin was born in Bavaria Germany, completed a four-year apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1984. He learnt the traditional  handcrafting techniques from master goldsmiths and finished as apprentice of the year in his district. He had the opportunity to work in Nuremberg, the traditional home of many famous inspiring artists, painters and goldsmiths like Albrecht Dürer and Wenzel Jamnitzer.

In 1996 Martin became a member, now Fellow of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, which requires its members to be committed to the craft, high standards of honesty and integrity, efficiency of service, quality of materials, craftsmanship and individual design.

Martin participated in various exhibitions and enjoyed passing on his knowledge, holding Jewellery Skills Courses.

Martin's Artist Statement:

I want to stay true to my own style.

Interpretation transforms the initial inspiration into my very own work.

My work becomes my statement.

Dörte Planert  

Born in Bavaria Germany, Dörte went through a High School specialized in Art & Music, migrated with her husband to Australia, where they started the family business of manufacturing custom designed fine jewellery. She strongly believes that every person is very unique and should find her/his individual style, especially in jewellery. Aesthetics, Quality, Comfort and wear ability are of greater importance to her than fashion moods.

30 years of sharing the knowledge in goldsmithing and design, graduating in several Tafe Courses lead her to tutoring art, craft & jewellery making skills.

Self-employment taught her webpage design, computer- and accounting skills as well as organisation, marketing skills and knowledge in customer relations, sale, import and export of various goods, included Pearl-threading, Drawing & sculpturing in various materials for her own creations

Becoming involved in a local movie production, Dörte provided about 360 pieces of artworks for the movie 'Life Class', which was launched at Merimbula on 24th October 2016. Original Artworks, which were produced for the movie are on auction at www.galabid.com/lifeclassthemovie

Actors and artists profiles at www.lifeclassthemovie.com Dörte 2012
the soul of an artist

We regularly donate to Oxfam, Amnesty International, Mouth and Foot painting artists, UNHCR, Doctors sans Frontiers.

As Founder & Co-ordinator for Boomerang Bags Bega Valley South Coast I am actively counteracting Climate Change: sewing bags using recycled or donated discarded materials, which will be offered to shoppers instead of single-use plastic bags, therefore reducing pollution & fossil fuel dependency.   

Creating opportunities for Indigenous, Disadvantaged, Unemployed or Migrants to become involved in a meaningful activity, make friends, learn skills and up-cycle materials. http://boomerangbags.org/about/    ongoing crowd funding campaign