Silver Long Eucalypt Leaf Pendant - Brooch or Bookmark

Eucalypt leaf pendant - brooch
Eucalypt leaf pendant - broochBrooch in Yellow Gold gumleaves with petrified woodPendant Brooch Eucalypt leaves long Yellow Gold with claw set Brilliants
AUD90.00 each

The Australian Eucalypt long leaf design is matching as set our ring, earrings and bracelet. As brookmarks they are even more smooth edged and not as heavy that they would tear book pages. They will be flatter than the normally three dimensional slightly twisted pendant brooches.

Gemstones not included in price, up to your choice in colour, cut, quality, shape, size and price!

Australian Boulder Opal and other gemstones of your choice. You are welcome to choose from our Australian Opal webpages.

Please let us know which quality and size of diamond you would like.

Our diamond information will give you all the details.

Photos display:

this design also in 18ct Yellow Gold and possible modifications

Jewellery items can be made on request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Yellow gold, White gold Rose Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum (please ask for quote)

For each unique shape of gemstone we create an individual setting (bezel or claw) by hand out of metal or first model it in wax and get it cast by our casting company in Adelaide, then file, sand, and polish the pendant, set the gems by gently hammering the edge all around onto the gemstone, polish the item again and clean it.

Gemstones and Design features displayed in the photos:

Our Australian Eucalypt leaf Jewellery has been handcrafted and sculptured after original model leaves, then a mould prepared and cast for reproduction. The long leaves are 7cm long and can be worn as pendant and brooch.

petrified wood

5 Diamonds in Brilliant cut randomly set on top of gum leaf utilizing claws raised out of surface texture

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