Australian curled Eucalypt leaf Brooch-Pendant

29bpbs_pendant_brooch_black_silver_eucalypt_leaf_curled_original1991june_on_white_background29bpbs_pendant_brooch_black_silver_eucalypt_leaf_curled1991june_on_white_background3_2629bpbs_pendant_brooch_black_silver_eucalypt_leaf_curled1991june_on_white_background4_24Australian Eucalypt leaf Brooch-Pendant  curledPendant Brooch Silver Eucalypt leaf curled 5RubiesPendant Ag Gumleaf with capsulesEucalypt leaf with buds cropped
Common price: AUD270.00 Our price: AUD270.00 each

The original was sculptured according to the natural gum leaf sample on the photo with unusual insect cocoons. 

Gemstones not included in price!

Customize your jewellery with your choice of metal or gemstone in regards to variety, quality: colour, cut, clarity, size (ct-weight), shape or price!

Quote supplied for each custom order according to your specifications and preferences.

Please refer to our product informations under the right-hand menu and get inspired by our Australian Opal selection.

We will give recommendations about Shape and Size of gemstones to fit the proportions of the chosen design.

Please find more information under our Diamond information.

Jewellery items can be made on request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Yellow gold, White gold Rose Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum (please ask for quote)

For each unique shape of gemstone we create an individual setting (bezel or claw) by hand out of metal or first model it in wax and get it cast by our casting company in Adelaide, then file, sand, and polish the pendant, set the opal by gently hammering the edge all around onto the gemstone, polish the pendant again and clean it.

Gemstones and Design features displayed in the photos:

this design is also shown in 18ct Yellow Gold and possible modifications

The curled leaves are 4.7x3.7cm wide and can be worn as pendant and brooch.

5 pear shaped facetted Rubies claw set

diamonds set into capsules (open cocoons)

gold molten on top of matt silver surface

single handmade gumleaf with large capsules in blackened Sterling Silver with gold dust soldered on top of uneven textured surface

Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom made jewellery or if you prefer not to create a login and password.

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