Sterling Silver Woven Cable Chains 1.5mm

61 62 63 64CCS Chains WovenCable different sizes and patterns
61 62 63 64CCS Chains WovenCable different sizes and patternsCable 18ctYG 1.31mm 21x20 Standard 41cm woven featuring 8mm Sterling Silver Bead satin with Crystals62CCS Cable Ag 1.5mm 42cm woven DetailNecklace and pendant options
Common price: AUD45.00 Our price: AUD42.00 each

Silver and Gold Woven Cable Neckrings in different thicknesses and patterns, which produce extra sparkle and fit most pendants with easy over the slim tube shaped Bayonet clasps offering great versatility to interchange pendants.

The neck rings are touching only the highest parts of the neck's contours, therefore are not sticking to the skin, which is perfect for sweaty summer days. The neck rings compliment any pendant, creating the look of a necklace, rather than a chain as they keep the rounded shape.

You might want to check out our pendant or attachments you find under pendants or fashion jewellery on our webpage

Photo displays some of the available thicknesses and woven styles available:

Woven Cable Silver 1.5mm thick 42cm

Other Option by request:

Woven Cable 375 9ct Yellow Gold 1mm thick 41.5cm

Woven Cable 750 18ct Yellow Gold 1.31mm thick 41cm

Woven Cable Silver 3mm thick currently out of stock, but can be ordered again by request.

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