#54 solid Australian Opal Queensland Boulder 4.7ct

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Australian Queensland Boulder Opal blue green brown oval shape 4.7ct

  • displaying high brilliance of strong vivid colours
  • a stunning array of colours and patterns
  • large sizes
  • unique solid opal
    • Doublets or Triplets, cheaper qualities or smaller sizes available by request in bluish, greenish, whitish or with brown or black potch
  • directly from the miner, our friend Ernst Zekorn.
  • We are very impressed by the quality of opals, only found in his mine at Duck Creek QLD Australia

More information about Opals under our Product Information

The Opal Mine and The Miner:

Start of the Opal mine

the Opal Mine

Ernst Zekorn beside his mine at Duck Creek when he had only started digging

                        The mine or what is visible above it as leftovers.

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