Horn Buttons, Combs, Hair pins, Shoe Horn, Spoons, Forks and Butter Knives

horn buttons 790
AUD5.00 each

Horn Buttons

polished tooth shape 4cm

Horn Cutlery

set of 3: spoon, two prong fork, butter knife ca. 15cm long = 6"

Horn Baby Spoon small

90° angle, measures: 4cm x4.7cm wide inside diameter = about 1 3/4" plus 11cm handle length = total length 15cm = 6"

Horn Dessert Spoon

measures: 18cm long, round inside spoon face

Horn Spoon large

measures: 17cm long, 4.2x6.5cm wide inside diameter spoon face = large table spoon size

Horn Comb 

total length 13cm = 5"

Being a natural cow horn product, the comb will not cause static electricity to your hair, so much more pleasant than plastic.

Shoe Horn

length 18cm (perfect for travelling) 22cm or 29cm length with horn tip

We can order a long 38cm shoe horn on demand from our German supplier, cost $50
a delight to use, no bending down to your shoes, no more trodden down rims, saving the back ends of your shoes.

Horn colours vary from white to black with grey, brown and beige shadings

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