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German Micro Welding Torch, Oxy torch for Jewellers, jewelers Micro welder for Oxygen and Fuel gas, LP Gas, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Oxy torch, Microwelder, jewellers soldering torch, oxy burner, micro torch, oxy LPG soldering gun, Deutscher MikroschweißbrennGerman Micro welding torch 43a with steel tips, German Micro Welding Torch, Oxy torch for Jewellers, jewelers Micro welder for Oxygen and Fuel gas, LP Gas, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Oxy torch, Microwelder, jewellers soldering torch, oxy burner, micro torch, oxCopper tips for Acetylene welding and Steel tips for German micro welding torchharris_601_lpg_propane_regulator_for_german_micro_welding_torchharris_601_oxygen_regulator_for_german_micro_welding_torchngp_flashback_arrestor_rf53n_fuel_gas_e_g__lpg_by__wittgas_germany_for_use_with_german_micro_welding_torchngp_oxy_flashback_arrestor_by__wittgas_germany_for_use_with_german_micro_welding_torch
AUD428.00 each

 'All in One Soldering Torch'

The German Micro Welding torches are designed for professional jewellery manufacture and repair, dental laboratories, optical and electronic industries, hobby, craft, plumbing, refrigeration industry & glasswork.

The Micro Welding Torch features an extremely precise flame with fine control.

  • The handheld blowpipe can be used with all types of fuel gases: LPG, Propane, Butane, MAPP / Razor gas, Acetylene or Hydrogen in combination with Oxygen.
  • Due to its construction and the use of high pressure hoses, it accepts oxygen pressures from 80 KPa up to 400KPa and can produce high temperatures e.g. reaches about 2600°C, when used with oxygen & LP Gas. It is very reliable, easy to use  and offers remarkable Longevity of well-known German quality workmanship.
  • Great for demanding application, delicate soldering (re-tipping prongs), heavy silver work, welding and melting.
  • designed for easy and quick tip change without spanner - just push on.


  • 1 Micro welding jeweller's torch hand piece and
  • 2 metres of 2 different colour coded high-pressure hoses
    blue for oxygen and red for fuel gas
  • 12 steel tips Nozzles sizes 18-26
  • 1 separate large screw-on gooseneck with 3 screw on tips for heavy work and melting.

Regulators & Flash Back Arrestors can be ordered separately by contacting us and will be dispatched directly ex-factory in Melbourne from our regulator supplier  

Prices: $130 each Regulator (Oxy & LPG)

$75 each Flash Back Arrestor (Oxy & LPG)

= Total $410 in addition to the torch

 + extra cost for freight 

One year full warranty

Never Mix  different fuel gas types, use either LP Gas or Acetylene

  • 6 copper tips for Acetylene  (as shown in photo) sizes 0.3 -1.0 can be ordered on demand

client's welding example

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                                                                                                client's welding example:

Micro Welding Torch Advantages & Safety features:

  • 2 Goose necks with rubber seals.
  • durable and flexible High-pressure hoses allow for variable Oxygen pressure 80 KPa - 400 KPa (offering higher temperatures) with 5/8-18 UNF connections to fit onto flashback arrestors
  • Easy tip change, no tools required, simply push on, without spanner,
    only to change brass tips on large goose neck, a spanner is required..
  • Easy Change to second goose neck (for use of 3 bigger rosebud brass tips of 12mm length for melting and heavy duty work)
  • Very precise, accurate and steady flame, perfect for soldering on delicate spots as well as large areas and melting.
  •  The Micro Welding Torch can be used over long time periods with minimal hand fatigue due to the comfortable size and weight.
  • Twelve tips in different sizes offer flames from accurate pinpoint to hissing for high heat & fast melting jobs.

Gas usage of the Micro Welding Jeweler's Torch is as follows:

The push-on steel tips for fine work are numbered from 18 to 26, from largest to smallest.

Tip Nozzle                 Inside Diameter                Litres / hour each gas

No. 18                      0.75mm                                       55

No. 20                      0.55mm                                       30

No. 22                      0.35mm                                       12

No. 24                      0.25mm                                         5

No. 26                      0.15mm                                         2


The Micro Welding Jewelers Torch could reach following temperatures:

2200°C for Oxygen in combination with Propane / LP Gas = 3992°F

(5300°F for Oxygen with MAPP Gas)

2700°C for Oxygen with Acetylene = 4892°F

3200°C for Oxygen with Hydrogen = 5792°F


Weight: 600g incl. hoses and all tips

Weight Hand piece: 60g

Hand piece length: 119mm

Diameter: 16.5mm

The fitting contains two rubber seals (O-Rings)

Gooseneck length: 66mm & 78mm.

The conversion rate for KPA:

1 KPa = 0.145 PSI

200 KPa : 6.895 = 29 PSI

4 – 6 Bar = 400-600 KPa = 58 – 87 PSI

How to set up and operate your Micro Welding Torch

Fuel fittings are LH = left-hand and tighten to the left. They are standard-marked with a groove on the screw nut.

Oxygen fittings are RH = right-hand and tighten to the right. They are standard-marked with a smooth screw nut (no notching).

  • Connect the blue hose via flashback fuse to the oxygen regulator. Tighten with a spanner. Never bring any oxygen equipment in contact with grease or oil! Danger of explosion!
  • Connect the red hose via flashback fuse to the fuel gas regulator, e.g. LPG. Tighten with a spanner.
  • Check for gas leaks by applying water with dishwashing liquid in it around all new connections.
  • Shut at the Micro welding torch the oxygen and the fuel gas valve.
  • Attach the required tip to your Micro welding jeweller's torch.
  • Open valve at oxygen cylinder and set the pressure between 80KPa and 400KPa (0.8bar to 4 bar, 11.6PSI to 58PSI), depending on the type of work and tip used. When using the large goose neck and tips, increase the oxygen pressure to at least 150KPa to prevent heat build-up in the goose neck. Do not increase LP Gas Pressure.
  • Open valve at fuel gas e.g. LP Gas cylinder and set the pressure at 80KPa (0.8bar, 11.6PSI).
  • Only, if you are working with Acetylene  Gas: Open the blue oxygen valve at the Micro welding torch slightly, otherwise leave it tightly closed.
  • Open the red fuel gas valve at the jewelry torch and ignite.
  • Carefully adjust the flame by feeding in oxygen and start working.
  • Always shut first the blue oxygen valve at the torch and then the red fuel gas valve at the torch.
  • Before leaving the workshop shut the oxygen cylinder valve and the fuel gas cylinder valve.
  • Purge all fuel and oxygen lines after daily use to ensure no gases remain in the torch system.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Link


from Melbourne: What terrific customer service! I was most surprised by your generosity when the torch arrived yesterday already. I didn't email my thanks yesterday because I wanted to try it out. Well I have to say, I am amazed by the torch's quality and its performance, as is my husband. It's a beautiful looking piece and so comfortable to handle. As I emailed previously, I haven't soldered for about 22 years and today I did. It was so easy. Fantastic! I love the fact that I can use one LPG gas tank and that it is so convenient to acquire refills.


Finally I have the time to try out the new micro torch.... and I have to say, "WOW!!"
It's totally different than my butane flamethrowers that shall now collect dust in the corner. I have to be rather careful not to melt my links now...... so much heat it's fantastic! Thanks for a great product !!


I was also appreciative that you answered my email enquiries prior to my purchase, giving advice. My husband & I were also impressed that you rang from Sydney to double check our fitting's requirements. before posting the set. I would highly recommend you and your product without reservation. Once again, congratulations on your business etiquette, customer service and quality product.

I am looking forward in purchasing the 'German Precision LP Gas Torch' one day. I don't have much money at this time, but I will definitely buy this one when I have established myself as a silversmith/silver jewellery designer/maker. I love your website/content as well, very inspiring and helpful. I always find myself coming back to this website. I studied silvermithing while attending ACIT in Adelaide, South Australia, and I remember they used the exact German torch you sell! I'm glad I have found a place that sells these ones, because they are really reasonably priced, which is absolutely fantastic for me! All in all, thank you and cant wait!


from USA: Greetings, I am in love with my German Micro Welding Torch!!!! I will be maintaining a separate workspace soon and will need another torch with hoses, flashback arrestors and tips. I will not need regulators or anything else. Please let me know what I will need to send to pay pal for payment. Thank You soooooo much.


Letter from  a Tech teacher of Bega High School: ....The torches have been an excellent investment. They are one of few products we buy that have survived the treatment handed out by 100's of students! I still have fond memories of my week's apprenticeship with you, and continue to use the skills you taught me on a regular basis. Jewellery remains the most popular unit we run in Tech! Thank you for your generous donation to our school.


The headteachers of the gold & silversmithing department of Melbourne University RMIT and Adelaide Institute of Tafegave us permission to mention their reference, one of them stating: “In 1999 we purchased an LPGas Soldering Torch from you, it has proved to be very good. We have moved to a new building and the German torch seems to be the only one that will run on the available pressure we now have…..”


from Queensland: I have found the Precision LP torch to be excellent, hotter than my previous LP torch and much more controllable. The push button valve is very useful, particularly when soldering jump rings and other repetitive small items as you can adjust the torch to a stand by flame and bring it up to a full flame for carrying out each operation. The connection fittings matched my Comet regulator perfectly so there was no alteration required. I am very happy with it and as I work mainly in silver it is ideal for my purpose.


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how satisfied with the German LP Gas torch I am. Most of the past year I've used the smaller tip and it has worked flawlessly and really help me improve my work. Recently I started working on bigger pieces of silver jewellery and needed more heat than I could get from the small tip. Thank goodness I had the foresight to purchase the larger tip as well. I unwrapped it the other day ... (yes it was still in the bubble wrap after a year) and I was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of heat. It worked wonderfully and was exactly what I needed for the larger pieces of metal. I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks and let you know that this torch is everything you said it was.


from Tasmania: I can't understand why no Australian Jewellery Supplier carries this German torch. I only found the American Primus Torch and Smith Little Torch, which are both crap.


Original : Endlich komme ich dazu Ihnen Rueckmeldung zu geben. Die Loetpistole ist super und erfuellt meine Erwartungen – das einzigste was ich bisher noch nicht ausprobiert habe ist einzuschmelzen, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass das zu meiner Zufriedenheit sein wird. Vielen Dank noch einmal fuer Ihren super Service und die guten Informationen. Werde sie mit Sicherheit weiterempfehlen. = Finally I get to give you feedback. The LP Gas Torch is superb and fulfills my expectations - the only thing I did not try yet, is melting, but I am sure, that it will be to my satisfaction. Many thanks again for your excellent service and the good informations. Will surely recommend you.


I fired up my new LPG torch today for the first time! Wow is all I can say it sure does beat the pants off the torches I had access to at the jewellery workshop at college. Its weight is so easy to handle and it's beautifully balanced. I was skeptical about the small tip producing a fine enough flame for my jewellery work at first but once I got it going I had no doubts. Quite excited I then changed tips and did a bit of annealing on a larger piece of metal and was blown away by how fast it heated up the metal (a 4 inch nail) in just seconds. Even the much larger torches at school took longer than that. I can't wait to get my large rosebud tip when it arrives. Thanks for making this great product available to us. I'll give you more feedback after I've tackled some fine soldering tasks.


This brilliant lightweight torch with its great ignition combined with its super one-handed flame control makes it a must for all practicing metalsmiths. I have only praise for this piece of equipment which should now replace all those fearful torches of yesteryear.


I have already demonstrated this torch at one of the weekly silver/workshops at the Club at B., and the response was very positive. I need to show another group this wonderful piece of equipment and persuade the club to put it high on their wish list of priorities for the coming year.


from Tasmania: The torch is fantastic; it is just a great product. I think I may have to share it with my husband, as he used it to do a small repair in copper tube and he said he would not use his oxy for delicate work ever again.


Hi just to let you know that I received the torch and I am very impressed with its size and capability.


The torch arrived today 12 August 2005, and I have just tested it with the propane tank and the smallest tip. It is perfect for my purpose: light-weight, clean burning and just the right amount of heat output for what I want. I can melt the tips of glass rods with it (so it is hot enough), but what I will use it for is pre-heating mould chambers and small glass objects to 600-700°C before I place gathers of 900°C molten glass in them.


i finally have had the chance to use the torch. it is excellent. i have been soldering chain links of 20g and the flame control makes the job very easy. outstanding torch. i would like to see a more flexible hose but it is great as is


Just a quick note to let you know that the torch arrived very quickly and safely to my address. I have set up the cylinder and torch and begun working. The torch is excellent and I have had some very good results with the greatest of ease!


Thank you very much for your assistance. I will have no hesitation in recommending your torch to other jewellers and metalsmiths.


I am VERY happy with the is a little gem...I sing it's praises whenever I get the chance.


I like your torch and it also solved my gas problem and it was exactly what was said of it.


I bought a micro welding torch a few years ago and have used it intermittently over the last couple of years. I am currently working on a large copper sculpture ( I am a sculptor not a jeweller) using different gauge copper wire and so have been using the torch non stop.


My wife is doing a jewellery course at TAFE and I'd like to get her a soldering torch as a present. I've read your pages (lots of good info - well done for taking the time to put it all online!) & Many thanks for the very quick reply - excellent service! I'm sure my wife will be very pleased with the purchase!


I tried out the Torch the other day and I must say it surprised me on how well it works. The 5/8" fitting was the correct one so thank you for that.


Just wanted to say hello and let you know that the LP Gas Torch is performing as advertised. I am so very pleased with what I am able to accomplish with the torch, as I have had many problems with soldering in the past. Hoping that all is well with you.


Torch and regulator arrived, and on initial impressions, the torch is very good. Nowhere near as hot as the oxy-acetylene I have been using, but quite hot enough for my regular task of soldering up rings for my flutes, and so much easier than fiddling around with the oxy settings to get a suitable flame, and risking melting the poor ring just as I get it soldered. I find with the gas torch, I can concentrate more on the solder joint and not worry about the flame. Nice!


from Mexico: There are two reasons for me not using acetylene. First local code says the tank must be used in a structure not attached to a home. My shop is a converted garage attached to the house, therefore I can't use it. Second I have a friend who uses acetylene and his shop has an oily soot throughout that he cleans up almost weekly. I am considering the Precision LP torch. Thanks again for taking the time.


The torch and Regulator arrived safely today in the mail. Many thanks for such an efficient and prompt service. When I have had a bit of experience with the torch I will send some more feedback.


The LP Gas Torch and regulator arrived today in good condition. Thank you for the speedy delivery.


I purchased the #3 Tip for melting but I'm able to melt what I need using the #2 Tip.


Hello, I want to order the no.3 rosebud tip for melting and annealing. I ordered the torch back in March and love it, but didn’t think I would need the large flame at the time. Thanks


Thank you for your answers to our query. We read a great review on the blowtorch on ganoksin. We wonder how such a great device has little exposure on the net.


I have been using the medium sized head and have been having great success with it - I very much like using it. I really appreciate your help.


Thanks for the 44a, which may save me some gas if I leave it on pilot in between uses. However, I am sure it uses very little anyway compared to my main torch! I am very happy to recommend your service to others.


I love the torch it is a great piece of engineering and so light to handle. I am so glad also to have the largest nozzle as well as the small and medium, perfect for heating bigger pieces... I contacted BOC head office here in Sydney and they sent me the connection you advised, it seemed a bit crazy having it sent all the way from Canberra...Martin, I am grateful for the ground work you did on my behalf, ...I bought a new gas bottle and the Bar-b-cue man set it up for me.
About a year ago I purchased the German LP Precision gas torch from you and I am extremely happy with it :-)!
I will move back to Europe soon and was wondering if you could either sell me a replacement hose for the torch or provide me with the details of a European supplier (I will head back to Switzerland), the hose is absolutely fine at the moment but I might need to replace it at some stage.  ---------no need to worry about the hose. Unless you pour acid over it, the hose is made to withstand high pressure and should last a lifetime. The only sensitive part is the valve and the o-rings, if you keep changing tips frequently. The red valve is a bit like a water tap: if it is forcefully turned off really tight each time, it could develop metal fatigue and start leaking. It is better to use the knob on the gas cylinder to actually turn off the gas and use the red valve only as adjustment while working with the torch. We are still only an email away and can organize replacement parts sent to you directly from the German manufacturer, if there should be a problem. Just in case you need a new regulator at some stage: In Germany and most likely Switzerland the regulators have got the 3/8" British A- fitting as outlet. Unless you specifically ordered an Australian 5/8” connection for an existing regulator from us, our torches come factory finished with the 3/8” fitting. We hope your move is going to be easy and without too many problems. Keep enjoying your torch. --------Thank you for your quick and very reassuring reply- you truly provide one of the best customer services! I always use the main valve on the gas bottle to close the gas supply, so the red valve should be fine. I frequently change tips, but so far the 0-rings are ok and I still have the replacement set (somewhere…) you provided with the initial purchase. I think the regulators should be working in Switzerland, I have the 3/8 fitting and I think they are compatible with the Swiss bottles. So I will just continue to use my torch with enthusiasm and treat it with care and respect ;-)


From a company in Thailand:Thank you, the torch came the last week of May. It works very well. Now we know when we need to replace more of our torches we have a good source to try. Thanks again.


I have now used it for some time and I am very satisfied. I have 3 other torches, but this is now my primary torch. However, I have one complain and one suggestion: The complain is that the hose is too stiff, making manoeuvring it and turning it 180 degrees difficult. The other thing is that you should provide a regulator with the torch if requested. I had to buy a regulator costing more than the torch!! But the bottom line is that I enjoy working with the torch every day, so thank you!!


from USA: I know I'll be happy with the torch. As I've said, I'm rather new at this and am teaching myself so all the little hints are so welcome.


Almost two years ago, I read a very positive article in the "Lapidary Journal", and ever since, I've researched as best I can and have wanted to purchase this torch for quite a while. I'm very excited and thank you so much again for your prompt replys and service.


Dear Martin: I look forward to the Torch and of course will let you know how it goes. Your cooperation on all this has been just wonderful and I thank you for what has turned out to be super-good communication!


from Canada: Just a note to say that I've now had the torch for a few weeks and it has completely revolutionized my soldering. I am very much an amateur, but changing up from the micro butane torch, where heating even medium sized bezels could be a challenger, soldering has now become a breeze. (Well, relatively). I no longer have to worry about being able to solder a piece, as I know the torch will be capable of it.
I've tried the bigger tips a couple of times for annealing and the large rosebud tip annealed a strip of 12 ga wire in seconds and that was with me being careful too!.

Only minor issue would be that the wire cage supplied with the regulator does not fit with the new 'fat body' disposable propane tanks here in Canada. (Not that it affects the performance of the torch in anyway)
Independent Article in Lapidary Journal July 2004 & on IGS Webpage:


Special feature from:  on ganoksin


from Utah/USA: I like it better than the club's torches. Those are pretty much standard for silver work, a lot of metalsmiths here use a Smith torch for general silver work, but it is not so good on detail, it is a bit hotter as it is acetylene but is not what you would want for prong repair. Yours is a better package.


I am surprised that dealers have not shown much interest. I think a part of the problem was at the club I was told that you couldn't alloy with a propane torch by old hands, until I did it. Many persons believe that due to what is available here (that run off LP). I suspect that when word gets around this torch will become popular, or at least it should. I prefer it to air/acetylene personally, the usually preferred torch by those who are strictly or mostly working with silver here.


The first thing I did when I took it to the club was to take a piece of copper and a piece of silver and placed them on a firebrick, in seconds they were completely alloyed. This according to those who saw my torch was impossible for a propane torch to do. I have received emails about the apparent large size of the tips. What is going on is that there is a hole in the center, the outer edge has a ring of holes and what happens is that there is a small star shaped flame surrounding the working flame in the middle. By the way the gas to the center does not get there direct. Why this is set up like this I can not say as I am not an engineer, only that this works, it gives the high heat. Propane burned in air gives 3450F, so the reason why this falls so short in others is the design.


After using this I would tell you that I prefer it to the acetylene torches the club has, in some ways it is clearly superior, i.e. fine work. However this will do all the other things as well, like melting and alloying. In fact I can think of nothing off hand that this will not do at least as good as those, or better.


As an experiment on a mistake I found that you can even put the flame on the bezel, care must be taken somewhat as I loaned it to Linda who melted a piece of jewelry using the method she uses for the acetylene torch. For putting on a bezel it works best if you put the back on a firebrick and work from above instead of using a tripod stand with a mesh and heating it from below as many have been taught. In other words method has to be adjusted, as there are differences. I am sure this would apply to switching between many other torches as well. But I will say that if you wanted to do some fine detail work this fits the bill. I also noticed that a repair job on a broken tip on a ladies lace style silver ring a while back no one wanted to try, this can do that. While with an acetylene torch it would take almost extraordinary skill and experience.


Although I used a regulator (cost $44) I do not regret that, for I went to a second hand store and bought a used attaché case, I feel better with that than I would with the easy on and off valve. In any event as I prefer this to the club's torch this makes it easy to take with me when I go.


from Canada / New Zealand: Thanks for this information, it was lovely speaking with you again. I am undecided on what I will do for my torch back in Canada now and considering a few options. If I did order the regulator, how long would it take for it to arrive to Canada.... It is unfortunate I did not know of this fitting difficulty prior to purchasing the torch.... Unfortunately I thought it was as easy as buying a tank and a common adapter, which is why I didn't go with the regulator in the first place.  This is a bit beyond my means at the moment.....Would you accept a return of this torch if I decided to go this route? ------ Sadly the gas cylinder connections are not standardized worldwide. We offer full refund of the sales price of the item, but only as long as items are in good condition (as new), clean and without any damage e.g. after we tested a returned torch.  Return Charges and Extra postal charges like express service or tracking or insurance are optional and have to be passed on in addition to the normal (airmail) fee. Please check out delivery times and all the different options (1kg parcel for one torch or 1.5kg parcel for a regulator):


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