Viking Drinking Horns & Sound horns

Viking Drinking Horn 50ml, powder horns
Viking Drinking Horn 50ml, powder hornsViking Drinking Horns various sizes 50ml - 700ml top viewViking Drinking Horns various sizes 50ml - 700ml frontalViking Drinking Horns various sizes with handViking Drinking Horn 300mlViking Drinking Horn 400mlViking Drinking Horn 500mlViking Drinking Horn 700mlDrinking Horn Pair 1.5Litre  with 50ml baby horncow skull with hornsViking Drinking Horns 4L and 50mlPolishing a hornViking Drinking Horn 700ml rim & black  Silver terminal and black Leatherholder in forged iron standViking Drinking Horn Decoration, Silver tips featuring Celtic spiralsSoundhorns 38cm371 highly polished Rufhörner rustikalViking Drinking Horn 1.5Litre and 50ml as comparisonSound horn beside 50ml drinking hornSound horns 38cm length from Cow horns rustic finish, tin trumpet mouth piece and screw-in plugDrinking Horn hand-engraved Medieval pattern Triple zig zag linesRams Horn, Sheep Horns rustic finish 20 to 30cm lengthSilver Spiral Rim on Viking drinking horn with hand-engraved Runes, silver tip polished, hand-engraved name on hornSilver Spiral Rim on Viking drinking horn with hand-engraved Runesengraving_custom_design_nev_in_old_english_style_on_black_horn_tipengraving_custom_design_continuous_horse_dragon_2016feb3engraving_custom_design_on_100ml_drinkinghorn_medieval_pattern_swirlsengraving_custom_design_on_400ml_viking_drinking_horns_letters_a_bbs_in_old_english_font_silver_tip_polishedengraving_custom_design_on_white__1_5l_drinking_horn_with_silver_tip_in_iron_stand100ml_horn_medieval_pattern_swirls__detailengraving_custom_design_on_viking_drinking_horn_with_name_anderson_in_running_writing_script_and_silver_tipengraving_custom_design_on_500ml_viking_drinking_horn_viking_fontengraving_custom_design_ml_in_scribe_by_hand_on_300ml_viking_drinking_horns_24engraving_custom_design_hmas_darwin_on_700ml_drinking_horn_cropengraving_custom_design_thors_hammer_and_celtic_font_by_hand_on_400ml_viking_drinking_horn4_cropengraving_custom_design_bax-bax_russian_drining_call_on_black_drinking_horn_brown_leather_holder_1929519156
AUD25.00 each


  • naturally grown cow horn from the species 'Bos primigenius Taurus' = ordinary house cow
  • By-product of meat and leather industries, now given another beautiful purpose instead of being thrown away. If the cattle knew, how beautiful their horns look they would go into beauty contests.
  • highly-polished
  • inside coated with food-grade resin (sealed), ready to drink out of, no waxing or bleach required, no unpleasant smell or odour
  • for use with cold beverages, red cordial (food colouring) can leave horn stained red inside
  • no connection to the central nervous system, therefore no danger of BSE (Mad Cow Disease)
  • can be used for medieval re-enactment, display or as a natural drink container instead of a plastic bottle
  • also used as fox hunting muzzle loading powder horns

PViking Drinking Horn 700ml rim  black  Silver terminal and black Leatherholder in forged iron standlease contact us for special orders or bulk orders to get the correct postage.

You might also want to check out our Accessories for the Drinking Horns: silver decoration, silver rim, silver tip, forged iron horn stand, leather belt attachment as horn holder.

700ml horn included in the photos of 50ml horns
50ml horn included in the other photos to show the size difference

Occasionally large horns, e.g. 1Litre or 1.5Litre Horns on stock, simply ask, or can be ordered on demand from our German Horn supplier up to 4.5Litre sizes

Sound Horns also available with cut off tip and hole drilled through it, producing a sound like a fog horn of a ship, similar to Robyn Hood. With a larger hole it is used to lure deer simulating the mating sound of a male deer.

Special Sound horns 38cm length from Cow horns rustic finish with attached tin trumpet mouth piece and screw-in plug available by request @ 95 each

Horn Engraving from $2.50 per print letters, numeral, Runes 
$20 per elaborate Old English Font letters or
up to $250 for e.g. elaborate Celtic Designs, Custom designs, Family Crest

Engraving silver Rim AU$7 per letter, numeral, Rune or small symbol

                                                                       Photo below: raw unpolished cow horn:

Cow Horn raw

The length of cow horns varies:

50ml horns approximately 13cm / 5 inches
100ml horns approximately 15-18cm / 6-7 inches
300ml horns approximately 20-25cm / 8-10 inches
400ml horns approximately 30-40cm / 12-16 inches
500ml & 700ml horns approximately 35cm-50cm / 14 - 20 inches. Mostly the longer horns are narrower, the shorter have a wider opening (quite often the 700ml horns).

Small selection of 1Litre, 1.5 Litre Horns on stock, enquiries via contact form.

Up to 4.5 Litre as special order directly from our German supplier to avoid double postage.

Each Horn is very unique in shape, colour, twist, markings. Matching pairs are extremely rare, but we can request them as a special order from our supplier, which usually costs about $20 more each.

If available we are happy to match colour preference or shape preference. The colours of Cow Horns range from whitish, cream, beige, honey coloured, brown, greyish to black. They can have length stripes or intricate markings from scratches or bull fights. 

The stands come in different sizes. Therefore we test, to make sure the horn fits well, as a slightly elliptic shaped horn might need a larger stand.

Retail price = Wholesale price.

e.g. weight of 0.5 L horn: approximately 500g

Before use please rinse drinking horns in warm water with dishwashing liquid.
Avoid chemicals, abrasive cleaning materials, strong detergents, microwave, dishwasher, storage with metal weapons, campfire, the sun & hot beverages or hot food - and puppy dogs (read below).
We not only make sure the animals are not mistreated, we also ask our supplier not to cut off his fingers with the Band Saw (sad cause of the bandage on one of the photos)!

Our highly polished cow horns are inside coated with food grade resin that we can drink straight away from it, also avoiding the natural horn coming into contact with acidic drinks, soda...... so that a bottle brush can be used to scrub it, if necessary. Even water tastes nice from our horns. Occasionally wiping the outside with vegetablecow horn chewed by puppy dog oil helps prevent the horn from drying out.
Oils with little or no taste: safflower oil or grape seed oil.

Request from client: "Enclosed a picture of the horn we have and hopefully can get one similar to it (minus the puppy dog chew marks!) That would be wonderful! My parents just returned from Ireland with a drinking horn for my son. Unfortunately the new puppy also liked it very much."

We used to import beakers as well, but clients left one on a hot rock near a campfire at a Medieval Re-enactment Camp, which weakened the food-grade resin inside causing the beaker to leak. They returned it the following morning.
Of course we gave a full refund, but therefore we are not keen on ordering beakers again.
If fitted into the dishwasher, the resin and glue are deteriorating.
We can include a special order, when ordering next time from Germany. Because they are the large top of the horn and require the extra work on them to fit the flat base, they are comparatively more expensive than just the plain horns.
Horn beakers / cups with flat base current estimated price (depending on exchange rate):
8cm height cost $30 each
12cm height cost $40 each


I had to get in contact to tell you just how well received the drinking horn was. I have literally never seen a group of people enjoy a gift so much. It made the night and was passed around the bar for all to see. It even made it back to us with free drinks in it a few times.
Needless to say that my boyfriend was incredibly jealous so I would like another for his Christmas present please. Do you Viking Helmet on rabbithave one the same size and similar look/colourings/markings please?

The horn arrived today, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much :) The colouring is really stunning, and I'm so glad we chose the black one now. My fiancé and I will be using the horn in a unity ceremony at our elopement next week, he is Swedish and we made a spontaneous decision over the weekend to try to find a Viking style horn instead of using a regular glass, and I am so grateful that you not only had a huge selection in stock (that is was very hard to choose from!) but were able to ship so quickly! It's more beautiful (and bigger haha) than I expected. Truly, a thousand thanks!

Hi, I bought a 700ml drinking horn from you last year (I love it, drink out of it regularly).Due to its size, it's not always practical to drink out of and I am looking at getting a smaller one for everyday use.

I received and loved the horns that I received back in August. I'm very happy with the horns and I know my groomsmen will love them too. I was wondering if there is time to order and receive a smaller horn for the page boy? I was thinking the 300ml horn with a stand .

Just wanted to let you know that the horn arrived and was received with much surprise and happiness. Thank you so much, it was beautiful and my husband loved it as his surprise bday gift. It now has pride of place on our mantel place.

I want to start off by saying that the horn is so beautiful! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your services. You were so nice and helpful throughout the whole process. I also appreciate the Christmas card that was sent with the horn.
So thank you again, and I'll definitely return to your site for future purchases.

Thank you so much, I have received the horns and stands and I am most impressed. I can not wait to give to my Brother In Law for his birthday and then drink out of them.

Received the horns today – WOW!  They look totally amazing, better than I was hoping for.  We are going to give them a test run this weekend.

sorry for not getting back to you earlier both horns arrived safely and are amazing to say the least! Both are birthday presents the larger of the two I kept as a birthday present to myself and was finally used on Saturday I was very surprised with how easy it is to use given it's size I thought it may be cumbersome to use. The other will be given to a mate on Friday for his birthday!
Thank you once again for the amazing product!

I picked up the horns today, they look fantastic!
Thanks so much for all the work you have done on all the horns.
Thank you so much!! You have been an absolute delight to deal with!
I'm so excited to receive the horns in time for Father's Day for my husband & son to drink from together.

Screening of lacquered Drinking Horns resulting in no dangerous substances found

The horns are so beautiful! We are wishing we had purchased more (some for the bridesmaids too)
Do you think it would be possible to get 4 more before our wedding date?
Super happy with your service and can not wait to see the faces of the groomsmen when they get them.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the drinking horns. They exceed all expectations! Thank you, they are beautiful. Happy to recommend your products to anyone !

Screening report of lacquered Drinking Horns resulting in no dangerous substances found

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